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It is that time of the year again ….

Happy New Year, friends, family and prayer warriors! It seems like 2016 was a (maybe unexpected) hard year. It is my prayer that 2017 will be kinder to you (to all of us) with more laughter, victories and breakthroughs.


Our office reopened yesterday and it is that time of the year again where we get to welcome and train new staff …. Young people who are excited to bring change at their carepoints and their communities. Young people who are hungry to see God’s Word come alive in the lives of their carepoint kids.


This week these new staff members will be bombarded with info about the ministry …. Introducing them to all ‘old’ staff members and their roles, our vision, mission, daily carepoint operations, teams, their new roles as carepoint shepherds discipling at the carepoints. Please pray for them as they prepare to take on their new roles within the ministry.


It is also that time of the year again where we pay school fees. This is always a challenging time. The need is big, people are desperate and sometimes we feel a little overwhelmed / run over by the requests. We changed slightly how we have been doing school fees and we have put more effort into getting a ‘system’ in place last year that will (hopefully) help us. (It is impossible for us to help all the requests we receive and we have put a policy in place.)


The kids had to turn in results and applications October last year (after writing exams in the second term). According to this we could determine who we can help this year. It was beautiful to see how many of the kids (who have paid for in the past) worked harder to get better results.



On a personal note …. We are doing great and we are thankful for God’s continued protection and provision in our lives. I, Kriek, am continuing to homeschool Clara this year (we need lots of prayer in this area!!!). This is also the year where we celebrate being in Swaziland TEN YEARS. (I will write about this on a later stage.)



My prayer for each one of our staff members this week, and for you as you are reading this, comes from Psalm 17:7 and I am begging you to pray this with me over our staff.


Father, will you please




Have a blessed week, friends!